Many honors have been given to the Prius Hybrid automobile by Toyota. With its growing recognition, the Toyota Prius is changing the way people look at the automotive industry. Hybrid cars, just like the Prius, have delivered a bold statement against rising gas prices, plus environmental issues.

The Prius, which has a name which means first, is the first hybrid car that is being mass-produced just for commercial purposes. Starting in 1997, the Prius was only available in Japan, but in 2001 it was released globally.

Advocates of green living were very energized about the possibility of the Prius saving the world from the dangers of air pollution. Prius sales have remained solid in North America. The Prius was in huge demand with an extremely long waiting list at the end of 2006. Toyota’s perspective for their hybrid car is to give consumers an energy-efficient choice that can reduce pollution. The Prius was created from the bottom, and has grown to be a genuine hybrid car that is well-loved throughout the world.

When the Toyota engineers designed the Prius hybrid, they employed a completely innovative technology. It doesn’t ever require to be plugged in to be recharged, instead it gets its power from the gas engine, being recharged as the car engine is working. The electric batteries are charged through the process of regenerative braking in which kinetic energy transforms electrical energy. In 2004, the second generation of Prius hybrids was introduced and integrated a new Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. You can find many developments in the hybrid technology, making the new Toyota Prius a much better car, if that could be done.

Toyota, not only enhanced the engine, but gave big people a break, by making the new car taller and wider. This allows bigger individuals a better view of the road, by allowing them to sit up straighter. With the public awareness, as well as the popularity of the Prius, Toyota has brought the hybrid look to its other vehicles.

One of these is the Toyota Camry hybrid, as well as the Lexus RX400H, from the top of the Lexus collection. The outstanding engineering of the Prius has kept it as a top choice when it comes to buying hybrid vehicles. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities driving Toyota Prius automobiles to demonstrate their support for the environmental movement.

The Prius has been a major success for Toyota and will no doubt continue to improve as technology advances. With Toyota’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly vehicles, the outlook for our world is very positive as these vehicles will make it easy to save on gas. All that is necessary is more awareness, and support from individuals.